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Fireking ruturns to the city of their humble beginings to celebrate the release of their brand new double CD "Double Trouble." With very special guests Doop and The Inside Outlaws and Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry, this is one show you absolutely do not want to miss.

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Fireking is a rock experience for the twenty-first century. The two founding members, Anthony Kaczynski and Smitt E. Smitty, both formerly of Figures on a Beach (Sire Records), have been musical collaborators in various forms for years, and Fireking represents their newest, loudest, and best incarnation. Andrew Morrison on bass rounds out this power-pop-rock trio.

Anthony Kaczynski serves as Fireking’s band leader and lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, as well as being the actual King of Fyre himself. Smitt E. Smitty proudly powers the group from underneath his long tassled fez and behind his classic red Pearl drum kit. The new addition of bass player Andrew Morrison raises the bar for Fireking in every way possible.

Fireking specializes in hook-filled slamming rock tunes. Unafraid to tread where others have trod, yet somehow totally original, Fireking aims for that sweet spot somewhere between "Face to Face"-era Kinks and Iggy & The Stooges’ "Funhouse," owing to their original roots in the Motor City.

It’s good to be Fireking.

has just been featured in Michael Murie's Boston music video project called "Boston Music: Seen - episode 2". This episode features: singer-songwriter Nicole Berke, Taylor Guitar Road Show and Fireking. The Fireking segment begins at 00:19:47:00 (that's 19 minutes and 47 seconds to all you non-timecode readers.) There is also live footage of Fireking playing at Church from the IPO Boston event held there in November of 2008.

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Fireking's debut CD, "Live A Little, Love A Little," on our own Blueberry Pie label is available now!!!! Nine hard-rocking yet tuneful tunes at a low low price that you, the hard-working consumer, can afford. Spend your rock dollars (or zlotys) wisely and well. Give it up to the Fireking. Get more info by clicking on the music icon above, or go directly to CD Baby to order via secure server. Can you tell we're excited here at Fireking HQ? I thought so.

Fireking has life renewed now that we've moved into our brand new rehearsal space in Cambridge. "Weeeee-haaaaaa!" We are diggin' it to say the least. So what's the next order of business? Recording!!! That's right, we are finally going to finish up the second batch of songs we began after releasing our debut CD "Live a Little, Love a Little" and put out CD number deux. Since it has been quite a while between CD's, we have written and recorded quite a number of songs and have been going back and forth on the pros and cons of making the second CD release a double CD package. Please let us know your thoughts by email us at or at our Fireking MySpace music site.

Fireking's music is also available on many of the most popular MP3 sites, including iTunes. If you already have iTunes and wish to go directly to our space there and listen to free samples of all our songs from the debut CD "Live a Little, Love a Little" and possibly purchase them separately or as an entire album, click here.

The REVIEWS for "Live a Little, Love a Little" are in and they're very positive. You can check them out.

Bruce Brodeen of Not Lame Records wrote: "Get ready to really power along with your pop! Hailing from Boston, Fireking`s debut 9 song CD is a killer tour-de-force, simply stated. Take the sound of Cheap Trick`s debut and add small doses of Mott The Hoople and Sweet and don`t bother stirring, it`s already to go. The lead singer sounds like Robin Zander belting strong so on 4 of these songs,they sound like 1976/77 outtakes of Cheap Trick. I`d like to call them the Captain Crunch of power pop because the Fireking are crunch their pop loudly, but it`s crisp, clean and a guilty pleasure all the way to shelf to pour another bowl (Note non-US citizens: Captain Crunch is a great children`s cereal that keeps on showing up in my home still). A cover of Sweet`s "Rebel Rouser" not only shows good taste, but displays the bands` inspiration inside their own sound. Fans of the recent Teen Machine CD, as well, should not miss this one as early 70`s glam groove is highly inspired here. Extremely Highly Recommended!" - Not Lame Records

R.Davies of Splendid E-zine wrote: " This Boston band knows how to write a catchy rock song: give it a good beat, a peppy chorus and stuff that puppy with hooks. On these nine tracks, they demonstrate the success of this formula again and again, while managing to steer clear of repetitive ruts. Anthony Kaczynski and Michael "Smitty" Smith, the masterminds behind the music, have been playing together for years (both were members of Figures on a Beach [And if this means anything to you, you're probably as old as I am - Ed.]). This familiarity is apparent in the tight grooves found here and makes Fireking a strong contender for the throne of alt-rock." - Splendid E-zine

Michael Toland of High Bias wrote: "In the cookie-cutter world of power pop, it's often the little things that set a band apart. In Boston duo Fireking's case, the little things include 1.) a raw but clear production quality that removes the gloss with which such bands often slather themselves, 2.) a high energy level that's in short supply outside of hardcore punk and 3.) the unfashionable attitude that rock is supposed to be fun. Couple these elements with a strong singer in Anthony Kaczynski (ex-Figures on a Beach) and simply excellent tuneage and you've got a tasty treat of an album. Check out the sardonic put-down "I Don't Mind" ("If you need a shoulder to cry on/I hope it's not mine that you've got your eye on"), the tongue-in-cheek "Big Priest of Love" and the stunning craft-marries-expression showcase "Blue" and see if your pop taste buds aren't satisfied. Enough little things will add up to one big thing, and Live a Little, Love a Little is the proof." - High Bias

Jeff Marsh of Delusions of Adequacy wrote: "To say that Fireking play catchy rock is an understatement. This Boston-based band is all about straight-forward rock-n-roll based around more hooks than your average fishing competition. Regardless of how you feel about this album, you will be singing these lyrics and getting them stuck in your head. There's no doubt there.

Former members of the Boston-based band Figures on a Beach Anthony Kaczynski and Michael "Smitty" Smith compose Fireking, at least at the time of this album's recording. Despite the fact that the pair play all the instruments, this album has a very big, very loud sound. It's all about straight-forward, hook-laden rock, done with hints of an 80's glam sensibility and moments of punk enthusiasm.

"I Don't Mind" starts off with a Meices meets Stooges attitude-laden rock-n-roll feel, with guitars that are slightly crunchy yet very crisp and clear. And regardless of how catchy it is, it doesn't compare to "Come and Go," which, with its repetitive chorus, will stake a permanent place in your subconscious for years to come. This is definitely the best song on this album. I mentioned punk, and I think "Arkansas" is the best example of that, although it's not a punk song, per se. It's just fast-paced and enthusiastic, built more around a driving guitar line than a poppy hook.

The lead guitar line to "Blue" evokes Cheap Trick and 70's sensibilities, and "The Forgotten" is an all-out rocker, fast and furious, the hardest track on the disc. The duo tosses out a version of Sweet's "Rebel Rouser" that's surprisingly good and suitably spacey, then "Canadian Clubland" is the band's own take on a 70's-style glam-filled great big rock-n-roll song. You get the sense that this song should be played in an arena, but it's leant a modern edge that reminds me of bands such as Muzzle through the hooks and edgy chorus. Finally, "Big Priest of Love" closes with a ripping rock tune, rich and rocking all-out, with some catchy lyrics and still that kind of glam-rock attitude.

This album would have killed in the mid-90's, when alternative music was still alternative and bans were rejecting the new-found grunge scene by retreating to power riffs and infectious, 70's-inspired hooks. Sure, that's still being done today, but then it was fresh and new. So to say Fireking is treading oft-covered ground would be an understatement, but to say that these songs are fun and catchy also would be. A great summertime album!" - Delusions of Adequacy

You may now order Fireking's debut CD "Live a Little, Love a Little" from a number of secure online web sites with a credit card. Order Fireking's CD and music from our good friends at:

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If you wish to purchase items directly from Fireking with a check or money order, please email a brief message to Fireking with your order info. Fireking will e-mail you back to confirm all orders placed directly from them. To order your Fireking CD via USPO Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery), please send us $10.00 per CD (shipping is free, and how nice is that?). If you send us cash, all bets are off, but if it makes it through the mail, we'll honor your order. Needless to say, cash is strongly discouraged.

*Important - If ordering directly from Fireking, please make check or money order payable to: Anthony Kaczynski (the actual King of Fyre.)

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